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Model: 247336
TIMCO 9 in 1 crystal clear adhesive & sealant has been developed to give superior bonding and sealing performance to all building materials including glass and PVCu. The advanced formula is extremely versatile, allowing the product to be used as a replacement for both traditional adhesives and s..
Ex Tax:£7.92
Model: 247138
TIMCO 9 in 1 Instant Grab Adhesive has been developed to give superior rapid bonding strength to all building materials, even in wet conditions. The high viscosity instant grab formula eliminates the need for permanent and temporary support and can be painted over almost immediately.Hybrid polymer t..
Ex Tax:£7.92
Brand: Bond-It Model: BDLEAD
A fast skinning roofing sealant that reduces weather ingression, tile lift and noise. Tough, resilient and compatible with lead...
Ex Tax:£3.33
Brand: Bond-It Model: BDFMWH
A high quality, water-resistant, waterbased frame sealant with good adhesion to most building materials. Easy to clean, flexible joint filler which can be over painted, stained or varnished for colour matching purposes...
Ex Tax:£1.63
Brand: Bond-It Model: BDMSPWH
A totally unique “hybrid" sealant for use in areas requiring a tough elastic rubber joint or as an adhesive with superior bonding strength.For interior and exterior applications in all weather conditions.Remains permanently flexible.Can be over-painted with water-based paints.Non staining and will n..
Ex Tax:£3.17
Brand: Bond-It Model: BDGR
A polymerically reinforced lap jointing sealant and adhesive used to prevent leaks in gutters and downpipes. Forms a flexible seal...
Ex Tax:£2.92
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