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Drill Bit Sets

Flat Wood Bit Set
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Model: F7SET
A selection of quick release Flat Wood drills. The quick release feature is designed to ensure a rapid change of bits making it ideal for multiple applications. Sold in a robust weatherproof case.Three point design for faster, cleaner holesBright finishCompound angle, ground recessed cutting edge fo..
Ex Tax:£11.00
Model: M15SET
A mixed selection of 15 carbide tipped Masonry Drills. The range covers the most popular hole sizes for plastic plugs. Sold in a robust weatherproof case.135° high grade industrial carbide tipGround fluteSilver and black finishHeat treated..
Ex Tax:£999.00
Model: BIT37SET
A 37 piece mixed selection of the most popular 25mm and 50mm S2 driver bits with a magnetic adaptor and an assortment of socket drivers. Sold in a robust weatherproof case...
Ex Tax:£999.00
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